( August 2009 )

Blink for Jamie

Super hot and super fun topless in the Jeep

ill enough to copy n paste

Sherer boys always could throw flips nicely... I especially appreciate this shot (facebooksteal)

Old School

what's my age again?


Word of Mouth Advertising...Spreading Quick...First one to buy me a new BMX gets a Trick.

Timmy n the T-Maxx

There's plans for an E-Maxx Long Board Tow Session...

No Surfing @ Night

Opposite Rule Day on the Malibu.

Special Guest appearances by:

RiverQuest, Bobby, Tubby, and Ryan (not pictured)

Snakes, Gas, Fish, Kneeboard Beer, Kneeboard Air.

Doing it old school. There is tons of stuff inbetween upcoming on *update day*...

The Catfish Story

will be told over a beer one day...

LakeHouse Deck BMX

This is Tubby's ride and Mullet picked my front wheel up today. I told Josh we'll be shredding the city streets by October. AutoTune your bikes fellas.

Marriage or Roller Derby?

It would have been MJ's birthday. It's also roller derby and Alex n Kate's big day. Go skate it is super fun.

X-Games Recap

Not the greatest recap but how about Travis with the 720 cork attempt. Speaking of Xgames I think ISVERA might have made there way onto ESPN.

Busy Vs. Lazy Vs. Internet

Have fun outside. Have Fun inside. Stay Busy. Stay Lazy. Internet. You Decide.

This kid does tricks and keeps it cool at the local skate park above all else.

Big Boy Toys Department

Thanks J.Y.C. for the heads up on this ride.

6 Months of NEWS

Thanks to all our loyal readers and freelance journalists and photo journalists who've contributed.

R.I.P. to the victims at LA FITNESS.

Jamie would have been working it out there had she not been on the video shoot with us. It is exactly 1.0 miles from our house according to Gmaps. I'm still deeply upset about it.. Attention everyone please do not kill anyone.

If your in ASPEN

Stop for the ISVERA party.







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