( May 2009 )

The Mustachio Bashio

This party had a turn out. THere was way too much fun had. New boats, Jetskis, Tricks, Friends, and food was had, enjoyed and so on. Riders rode on top of the water. Waterfalls were hiked and conquered. An update is brewing. Here is the teaser. Holla at the peeps who traveled far far distances to join us.


Yellow, Black, or Blue. We can make a 3.5ft wave starboard side. All abandoned vehicles will be tagged and surf stickered.

Memorial Day Update

Snakes, Frogs, and Parents...


Mike aka Tubby way more often than not is an amazing guy. I've known the kid since pre-school. Here are some photos to prove he is outstanding in his field. Look for his rider page to come soon.

Johnny Fabulous's Haiku

This one is for Anthony's penguin pic

Anthony's new do,

Chester child molester,

Where yinz get that cut.

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The Mustachio Birthday Bashio (with pistachios)

Don't pass up your invite this is going to be good. I recommend bringing beer, ice, and food. We just got hooked up with a giant Jack Daniels Grill too. Flip some burgers, throw some raleys, and come chuckle with your friends...

Memorial Day Weekend

A beautiful weekend. The rain held off til 5pm on Monday. There were snakes. An update is brewing.

Your Update Mates

It has been a busy freakin' week, and it is only Wednesday. Memorial Day Weekend is next. A birthday bash blowout is the following weekend. Sit back, Breathe, and enjoy the update.

The Calm After The Storm

That is when Timmy/Tommy/Jimmy showed us how one shreds. Big and nasty raleys to start it off on some butter glass water with misty clouds and warm air in the backdrop of the mountains. This was around 8pm. It was so epic that we decided to celebrate with a few drinks the rest of the evening.

Knife Show

If your not at the lake house, camping, or the SIO Long Weekend premiere party, hopefully your in Cali celebrating Knife Shows One Year.


Kayaking is cool. There is even a new SimpleComplex Kayak to paddle. Here is how the big boys do it. Justin's brother Joel getting wet and getting press coverage. (click here)

The Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) is the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world. It is known for its ability to crack coconuts with its strong pincers in order to eat the contents. It is sometimes called the robber crab because some coconut crabs are rumored to steal shiny items such as pots and silverware from houses and tents. Jamie's friend Barbara from Australia emailed her this.

Haiku Update

In the spirit of keeping it fresh, "Cheat Lake House Weekend 2" was narrated by Haiku. Enjoy the photos and submit a poem of your own for extra credit. Creativity is underrated these days and you might even make the NEWS!

Keeping up with Mark

Mark Leputa is the best Artist Simple Complex has ever collaborated with. In fact he was an original Co-Founder back in 2001. You learn something everyday. Now go check out his work, get inspired, and buy something for yourself.

Fresh Jive Gets It

Not only is 1989 the dopest year I can remember for things, but them Fresh Jive fella's have been on it since then. Check em' out and Don't F*** with them please, for your own safety.

Steal from me once, shame on, shame on you...You steal from me, you can't steal from me again

I had Jamie take a picture with me holding guns and looking pissed, but then decided the jeep would prefer a tribute of sorts with photos of the old tires and rims muddy and enjoying themselves instead. For those who haven't heard... I found the jeep on blocks with the rims and tires gone. I thought this kind of thing may happen to the dubs but never worried about the mudders. Regardless... Lesson learned and hatred spawned. Don't trust anyone or anything. Buy a Blast shirt that says Kill or Be Killed. Lock your doors and tuck your children in tight. The future may not be all gumdrops and rollerblades.

The Boats are in the Water

Here we are at weekend #2 lake house party style. The boats are both floating on the newly refurbished dock. The Jetski lift is fixed, and a lot of good people stopped down this weekend. We took a 3 hour tour to the bar to watch the Pens win and had a MGMT Moon Light Dance Party on the cruise back. A couple people even got drunk. Kayaks, Cameras, Swimming, Games, Waterfalls, Rum, and Blast Crew... This is a good update. Click hard on your mouse and enjoy. (NO NO NO, the link isn't up, the page is under construction, and Facebook leaked more photos than you can chew anyway...Be patient kids)


Don't miss this video. It is going to give you chills in your spine. Those boys know how to shoot, film, and give you that fuck yea feeling all over. I'm pretty sure Anthony and Timmy both have cameos and/or sections.

Welcome to Pittsburgh

This crew is still pushing hard. You should be ashamed you don't even ride BMX anymore. And if you still do, shred hard and enjoy. Hell, Potoczny even had 2nd page ad in Dan's Comp. Buy local anyway, South Park Cycles.

Welcome To Pittsburgh 4 Trailer from Bobby Valentine on Vimeo.

Jereme's Bday

Today is Jereme's Birthday. Wish him a happy one. He'd do the same for you.

Cinco De Mayo

Today is Anthony's Birthday. Wish him a happy one. He'd do the same for you.

Keys to the Cabin

Actually its a lakehouse, but you get the drift. Dreams do come true if you squint your eyes just right and have good friends.

We Represent Winners

While most of you are still stretching and thinking it is just starting to get warm out, Timmy has already gone to Florida, rocked a week with J.D. Webb, grew a beard, got a suntan, and took third place at Wake Games. A free T-shirt in your size goes to the first person to send in a pic of Timmy not smiling. Learn some more about the man by checking out his page in the riders section.

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