( September 2009 )


Please share your best. I hope you win.

Til' Next Year...

A goodbye summer shower at the lakehouse...

G20 Photoshop Party

As Ken Rice from KDKA NEWS put it... "a Stunning Concentration of Power"

I don't really protest but I sure would love to surf downtown tomorrow and be like look world...


Raven's and Cooper's

This is the Raven's Rock and Cooper's Rock Model Shoot.

She's Gorgeous and these rocks have excellent views of the channel.

Maybe I should include a map.

P.K. Ripper


Hyperlite Rewritten.

The oldest shirt I own that I've had since a youngin' and still wear is my Green Hyperlite shirt.

Riding on top of the water is simply the best.

Did anyone mention this is the last weekend at the lake house?

Timmy brought this video over the other night and it was amazing.

I don't think the trailer really even does it justice.

and umm Shaun Murray riding behind a sea plane?!...

(make sure to watch the bonus on the DVD of that)

No nickname for this weekend yet

But it was definitely off the are some gentle morning after photos...Real deal grunge pirating proof is being withheld for now...

September's Poll

Don't forget to vote in September's best summer memory 2009 poll.

Voting ends Oct 1st.

Maybe even Sep. 30th.

(this is just a snapshot in time...scroll down)

Malibu Crew Weekend #2

made a quick name up and added some photos just cause...thanks for the memories...


Nice 13 second edit...

The Honeymooners

A.S. Iphone Travel Report

-242ft @ Death Valley, Vegas, and a Canyon

R.I.P. Accord

Cheers to a great car who took us far and enjoyed the road. Click for story.


A.S. Iphone Travel Report

Joel, Denali and Missing Lake Updates?

So much, maybe too much lately, has caused for postponed updates. Fear not... *Update Day* is on the way... Note- This was really gnarly and the gif. does not justify the drop. Double Note-This weekend shall forever be branded "the shit show" weekend. Triple Note- That dog can surf, dove from the plank, and serioulsy considered the boat house drop.

Honeymoon RoadTrip

9/1/09- 4:22pm - the beautiful couple made it to Yellowstone and sent the weather on the internet through e-mail

Alex and Kate


The Motorcycle Report

This month's motorcycle report includes Ducati Iphone News by A.S. and Tim's B.King @ Sauce. Always ride safe and wear a helmet.

Bachelor Party

Yes there was a floating-boating-lakehouse bachelor party for Albo.








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