We will begin to post live from the road starting Saturday morning...

The first scheduled stop will be in Fort Payne, Alabama to visit Mark Leputa. Mark is a longtime friend and an awesome individual. Tentative plans include a glass blowing demo and all night party at Boulderween.

Thanks to Tim for being gnarly and letting me take this photo of him to start off the PART I page.

First fill up in Heidelberg by the house. Pulling out of that station gave some serious butterflies in the stomach. We remembered everything right? How far are we going again?

The drive down was really nice. The mountains of West Virginia and Virginia were awesome, especially with the leaves changing color. We saw the sunset in Tennessee. Once we arrived at Boulderween at Horse Pens 40, everything was so laid back. It was awesome. Mark hooked us up with an amazing camp site, the very last one right next to the lookout. We woke up and made breakfast, then hiked and climbed all day. There were probably over 100 people scattered throughout the woods climbing. Everyone we met was really friendly. There were people in from Australia, and another set of "travelers" who were already on their 3rd month on the rode. We also got an impromptu glass blowing session on the way back. I am currently in awe at the art of glass blowing.

This is art at its finest. We are stopping back tomorrow to see and learn more.

Mark didn't have a shower so I took a bath *THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO UNPOPULAR DEMAND

Then we drove to Kyle's (this is not his house, just a random enroute photo)

He had sick drag cars in the garage

And then off to Lake Guntersville

Little River Canyon was far from little. We stopped at all the major look out spots and then decided to hike all the way down to the river (basically from right were this look out photo was). The hike down was beautiful, with insane rock cliffs to our side for most of the way. Once we reached the bottom, the water was perfectly still and the reflection of the sky and canyon on it just made my day. After the hike up, we met Mark's friends for dinner. Tomorrow morning we are going to pack up again and stop by Orbix Hot Glass where Mark works. From there we'll head south to Fort Walton Beach and meet up with Ryan. I hope everyone is enjoying the ride so far...

This is funny, I don't care who you are.

Well, this is the end of PART I. Some quick reflections include: Mark is awesome, Alabama is not flat, Glass Blowing is sweet, Country Roads are really something, Southern Hospitality is real, It's cool the way different people talk, Jamie is beautiful, Watching the leaves change color is all that, and country dogs know about the road; they aren't going to run in front of the car...