Jimmy Kelly AKA Kelly F'n Mikals

She liked Jamie a lot. Apparently she ran up to Jamie in the little girls room and screamed in her face. Jamie was like wtf and the chick was like I got rid of your hiccups didn't I?

"You ever got... a Maybach?"

If it wasn't for Jimmy getting me this spot, we would not have been driving the Accord home. Some drunk dude smashed up 6 cars right out front of the apartment on Hollywood blvd, where I would have been parked.

The way people drive out here is really something, somewhere between crazy and disgusting. We saw a set of skid marks on the freeway going across like 6 lanes and smashing into the barrier. The motorcycle riders out here are insane too. I rode a lil crazy in my day, but these dudes split lanes with inches on each side going stupid fast amongst a million people that are already driving clueless.

"Yea I know that's like sooo last week. I like just texted her and she was like..."

Jason somehow spotted us on the side of the street and then pulled the sickest U-turn Hollywood has ever seen to grab this spot.

I'll have a number 2 animal style.

Disneyland was fun, thanks for the free passes Kelly.

"Mad Planet"

We walked to the front of this line, shook dude's hand, walked in first to the studio, and were then escorted to the two best front row seats. Thank you.

Hi Mom Hi Dad Hi Grandma Hi Grandpa, Peace World!! Mwah!

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