Rain seemed bad, but was actually good.

Mist, Waterfalls, and Arches.


Ok, let's get another one.

Ok, let's get another one.

Ok, let's get another one.

Happy Thanksgiving, Skype ya later

Moab was special. Not only were Canyonlands and Arches beautiful, but the 3 mile or so stretch of town was constantly filled with a steady flow of lifted jeeps, broncos, toyotas, and friendly people. If it wasn't raining and we had another day, I would have talked our way into a 4x4 ride with someone.

Jamie shopped while I watched the streets.

We went to the Moab Brewery everyday.

There was a jeep behind every dumpster, in every back alley, and around every corner.

The last ride we saw while leaving town was an old school white 4Runner like I used to have.

< insert "Dumb and Dumber" enroute to Aspen quote here >