Welcome to PART II

This is funny because Pat has the exact same set up back home, Silver 4Runner/SuperAir Nautique

Them Florida boys make you push the boat around for an hour before you can ride...seriously

This is "The Ditch". It is currently one of my favorite places to ride.


Ryan Shreds.

Adam Shreds. Sam ollies logs. Beautiful sunsets etc.

"Air Force Wake Up"

And on to Tampa, Jamie's hometown. How about a Mastercraft on a lift in you backyard,,,err in your back lake...

Steve Trevino...Awesome stand up comedy. Go see this man if you can.

After Tampa, we headed back up to Pensacola to see Jeff and Daria

The car windsheild washer, pull up and it automatically sprays you down.

I was a MH-60R Seahawk Helicopter Pilot for Halloween.

Jeff is a MH-60R Seahawk Helicopter Pilot.

At the Mississippi Welcome center they ask what y'all would like to drink and then they give it to you for free. Our first signs of what Katrina had done were noticable in Biloxi. We had decided to drop off I10 onto 90 west to ride along the coast line. Although the view was beautiful, the road was under construction and down to one slow moving lane. I think this will conclude PartII and New Orleans will easily fill up PartIII.