First time traveling East to the mountains...weird.

5 laid out backflips and onward to Aspen...


One of many in the portfolio

If you see anybody just tell them your with me.

Ye we are with Mike Sherer.

Dude in the basement: "isn't everybody?"

(this line works just about anywhere in town, sub- Steve or AJ as well)

She's gorgeous in every city

Ye ye every city

You think just the clouds moving are cool, and then it goes into sunset mode...

When you party so laate that your 8:00am sesh turns into a 12:00pm sesh, and you think the 1.5ft of fresh powder from the night before will be all tracked and gone, lucky strikes...As soon as we got off the gondola and started down the mountain, Ski Patrol dropped the ropes on runs that had been closed all season and we got fresh thigh deep poooowwwwdaaaa. It was epic.

"Control yourself.
Take only what you need from it.
A family of trees wanting,
To be haunted."

I ain't fucking around...I AM HAPPY

Home sweet Hyatt

How did she get a blue on blue faded SC hoody?

I'm sorry but let me tell you something, life isn't fair.

What was the killer wearing? Can you give us a description?

Mike was so pretty his beauty shattered the mirror...lucky I had some ugly stickers to fix it.

Bear of Nails

Self Riding Bike

AJ's Birthday

(Happy Birthday AJ)

Cool kids at the bar

How every walk home should look

Goood Morning Aspen

The 3 1/2 hour drive to Denver took 12 hours

Looks like a silly blurry photo, but this isn't trickin'...we got it...Hawaii License plate

A late night drive through downtown Denver and on to see Mt. Rushmore