Welcome to PART III.


This city was amazing. It still is amazing. It is a place with a spectacular vibe you can really "feel" just by being there. I could write a novel about the things we saw and experienced in the last 2 1/2 days. I don't know which order I'm going to post the pictures yet, but a quick synopsis of our itinerary went like this:

Arrive 6pm Saturday, and drive down Bourbon Street. It was packed with people and took forever. It actually took me two tries to turn onto it because I was overwhelmed when I first went for it. It closes down to car traffic at like 8pm I believe.

Check into the Marriot Courtside, about 2 blocks from the action. Thanks Allie Ball for the friend/family passes, incredible hook up!

Shower up, tell myspace we are rolling out, and party on Bourbon Street all night Saturday.

Sunday, walk the streets, check out all the shops, buy some stuff, and eat dinner.

Go back and nap a bit, then go out again Sunday night.

Check out of hotel at noon Monday, and then drive around 9th Ward to see Katrina's lasting effects for about two hours before heading to San Antonio. We also hit up Hollygrove for Weezy.


More pics to come. Hotel check out is Noon...Update more from Curtis's in Austin.

Here's some thoughts for your brain:

Walking between Bourbon and Decatur, a masked man hiding behind the corner scared the **** out of Jamie and I. I think he was dressed sorta like the scarecrow from Batman. Then a few moments later, a small masked devil came running up behind. It is the best scare I have had in years. Jamie was almost in tears...Nah, Jamie was in tears.

The difference between Saturday night and Sunday was unbelieveable, definitely make it here on a weekend if you can.

We shopped during the day on Sunday, it was super laid back and I really enjoyed it. Although there are many of your typical tourist T-shirt traps, there were a lot of genuine shops with some really cool stuff.

The tarot card and palm readers come out after dark.

Everyone is really friendly. Anyone passing you on the street says hello and acknowledges you. etc.

There were a lot of "gentlemens clubs", and yes we saw what the tourist girls will do for beads.

We drank 3 or 4 Hurricanes, including one for breakfast

Drinking on the streets is sweeet. In addition you can carry your drinks into almost any bar that you roll up on. We were only carded twice the whole time we were there, and we probably stopped in at least of 1/3 of the bars on Bourbon.

Bourbon is for the tourists and Decatur is more for the locals.

When we rolled by late sunday night, Decatur was filled a hundred? hippies and weirdos all huffing nitrogen balloons. They were totally out of it. People were laying in the street and taxis were having to drive around them. It was really creepy and entertaining.

There are "sign" guys who try to get you to go into each place, and whenever one of them got our attention or even eye contact we pretty much went in.

There is so much music pouring into the streets from each bar, and a lot of them are actually live bands. And when there wasn't a live band, there was often a guy with a mic singing songs.

This is a city that I would come back too.

"Hollygrove I throw it up like im tryna lose my gut"

"That's why I holla Hollygrove on each and every song"