Welcome to PART IV.

Everything is bigger in Texas


Buc'ees is a must stop.

Car Video Conference with a Were Wolf

The Alamo

Love Toyota.

Nike 6.0


We left San Anotonio in the dust after our river walk along the riverwalk. I was driving towards Austin on I35 North when we crested one of the very fews hills in Texas. As we came down I saw a lot of wakeboard boats to my right. We doubled back off the exit and passed a 4Runner and Landcruiser 4X4 Junkyard. It was right in front of an LKQ warehouse. I rolled in for a few pictures and bolted. I saw a bunch of guys in the yard and although I could have stopped and bullshited about my feelings of accomplishment for driving around this great country of ours I just kept motoring. The Landcruiser shot came out great and boats were on my mind. When we got back to the Marina the Nike 6.0 six wheel truck was sitting out front with a mini ramp tucked under its grill. We rolled towards the front doors while oogling over the pretty sparkly mastercraft gel coats around us. I even considered walking the outside boat lot for a second until we walked inside and saw their set up. There had to be 20+ sick ass wakeboard boats on little mini rollers with crisp polished aluminum bridges rolling up next to them for you to peep the interiors. The board shop was really siick too. They had tons of fancy new gear, more brand new wakeboards than I had ever seen in one place before, and I was overwhelmed like the first time I pulled on Bourbon Street. I finally met Russ, the cool 23 something long haired well groomed shredmaster who sells these beautiful yauchts. He told me how the new center console big daddy there has a head and full shower hidden in it and is 140k. They sell over 100 new boats a year. I told him about the Malibu and Timís 09 X2. Then he mentioned the Cable Park outback and that I could ride it right now.

After about 15 laps in the hot Texas sun I had finally started to feel comfortable out there and started hitting some of the sliders and kickers. Jamie was on the beach taking photos and waving when Iíd ride by. It was fucking awesome. Your mind really clears up out there on the water. It is a great feeling. With the difference of not having a boat pull you, but simply a quiet cord, you really appreciate the far end of the lake and how quiet is in when you ride. You hear the snap of the board and what it sounds like just riding on the water, without an engine or music. Ryan was the dude that set me up with the session so I hooked him up with an SC arrow T-shirt. He was stoked.


This is the view from Curtis's back lake. I didn't understand why he said don't worry about getting a shot of the city all night until we finaly got back to his place. Also, while chilling by the water we heard a noise comming from the brush. As I turned around, two possums were darting right at my face. One passed by and the other pulled a quick U turn. It was intense.

The famous 9th Street Trails. Only a few blocks from downtown Austin. Today is the day that you wish you packed the BMX.