This phantom of the opera may look rather silly, but little do you know this skype session talked the phantom and his girl Kate to drive from Pittsburgh to The Grand Canyon to meet us.

We didn't think much of the red tour bus in the background; that is until getting the rooftop pool tour when we realized it was actually stuck from smashing a car in the turn.

The creepy basement tour was really cool. You could explore the entire basement which used to be bank vaults. Johnny Fabulous not only had this building dialed, he knew the whole town. Bravo.

"Barcadia" The Christmas party will be spiced up with inspiration from here

Jamie's Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Lucille. Just south of Dallas.

Home away from home

Dallas was super fun. The drive to Carlsbad was cool too. We took the advice of Danny from the bar and drove 180 the whole way. It took an extra hour but we had the road to ourselves 95% of the time, not to mention getting to see a bunch of cool little Texas towns along the way. Fried Catfish special at the Eaglesnest was also noteworthy. Y'all come back now ye heaar.