Floating 2010

This marks the 2nd year at the lake house
this marks the 2nd year of the new Malibu
this marks the 2nd coming of Mark

We start with some barge chicken
and then do a lot of carbon fiber surfboard air guitar

We made the overcast rain wanting skies burn off at Anthony’s word.

We told of thong riding and hijacked Majestic stories.

There was alcohol involved at night.

Dance parties, headlamps, and incandescent lighting.

Everyone always jumps in.

There was even an ISVERA photo shoot.

And the Headwaters at CHEAT have won best places 2010 award again!

Garden fresh omelets and scrunchy faces too.

And Timmy won BEST wakeboarder! (for real)

Now please hold down Ctrl and use the + and - keys til you like it...