Pat and I picked up the Super Air from Bill’s Marina at Deep Creek and towed that Princess back up to Cheat Lake Storage. That sentence sounds so quick and easy but let me tell you it was rather involved and expensive. It was a hella long day too, especially considering it was Pat’s Surprise Bday party the night before. Lucky he has such an eye for fashion and grabbed the “There’s only two kinds of people, WEST VIRGINIANS and people that wish they were” mesh back at the local gas station. It was a beautiful day and we stopped at the lake house on our way back for a sixer on the deck and to assess the dock.

May 1st, 2009, 8:33am. The beautiful Jamie and I took off Friday to meet the realtor for the keys to the lake house. The 15 minutes I left myself to tie the kayak to the roof in the morning took 30 min and it was pouring rain. We almost didn’t have our shit together with packing and timing but then we did, and the kayak held steady the whole way down.

We made a stop at Edgewater to check on our man Brian and see how he was holding it down. All I can say is that he is cool as ice and his new lakeside bar “the Whipper Wheel” will be the spot on the lake. Cheers Mate!

The lake house simply takes your breathe away once you walk in the door. The only bummer was the water situation which we soon took care off. Apparently the fittings and pump froze and cracked over the winter. Luckily my snooping around randomly turned up another almost identical pump down under the lower deck. Dad and I swapped the pump, installed new fittings and hose, then pumped a few gallons into the system, and assessed that it worked. The only problem was that the tank was still empty. Eventually, I built a damn in the spring on the hillside like a little kid, ran a hose to it, and filled up our reservoir with mountain spring water for the time being. (Don’t drink the water yet kids) p.s.- the pump house photo was prior to our handywork.

Our neighbors Franky and Carla turned out to be awesome, and their dog Blake was pretty rad. He is a labradoodle.

After a hard days work I went out to play and paddle in our new front lake. The waterfall across the way will provide years of entertainment. Peace Yo.

We decided to sleep right in front of the bay window and saw the most amazing thunder and lighting storm work its way up the gorge right past us. It felt like counting til the thunder after lighting distance deal in Poltergeist until the freaking tree breaks in the window and eats you! INTENSE. Not InTents for once. Learning the motion sensor light routine in the wind as well as the fridge starting to make ice for the first time since getting water also made for a few chills up the spine. Let me stress this place is in the side of a mountain on a goat path in West Virginia jeepers creepers style.

Quick, Hide yo face!

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and a couple Aunt’s all came down Saturday for dinner and it was great, but I forgot to take their pictures. There was just too much family bonding going down.

Brad with that damn look on his face and me teaching Jereme how to make wheat thin cheese pepperoni snacks. Them P90 boys just don’t get it sometimes. Thanks for the dock help though mates.

Getting the dock into place was a lot of work and a little whining.

Justin stopped down after just getting back from Colorado and had dinner with us.

There were a million other things that happened this weekend too.