Haikus N@

( A Cheat Lake House Weekend 2 Update for Good People )

Dance party dollars
Timmy Jason Anthony
Buy another round

Anthony is nice
He changes it up a lot
Keeps things fresh you know

Cody and Leo
Into the night they trek on
Rhythm House beware

Nice shirt for a buck
Santa Cruz Thrift Shop Road Trip
Makes pictures priceless

This is the rake pic
I forget what my Dad said
What to call all this

Snakes and a Jet Ski
Lift, the ski isnít here yet
We be slitherin

Always an Excuse
That is Bradís and this is Jís
Justin is real cool

A weekend without
At least a little Blast Crew
Is like not worth it

The first ride this year
Shred for everyone who canít
Cold as fuck dock start

Ajax is Aspen
The sticker was on the Lací
What a great doggy

Picture of Picture
Not enough time to explain

Just when you doubt it
Simple Complex Gear floats up
Lake house guests first dibs

P Ninety X Brad
Give this kid way more credit
Cheat Lake O.G. Mang

People danced hard
After the penguins scored
Jereme was drunk

She is S Cís main
Gorgeous bikini model
Look but donít touch dude

Ever play it loud?
Cheat never saw us coming
They fucking heard us

The camera splash
Was heard around the party
Then he dove down deep

A lot of times you
Wish you were here to see what
You missed you know

First to walk to plank
Fifty thousand bonus points
That can buy a lot

Liquor beer and shots
Beer liquor and shots of rum
Liquor rum and beer

The boss runs things here
I love her like internet
Donít mess with the best

Daylight came and brought
Kate, Alex, Eggs, Bacon, Smiles
Welcome anytime

Fresh Jive rules enforced
Do unto others as you
Would like done to you