Nah we didn't buy the pigs feet, yes we bought the tiki. Do not DRINK it! It's no apple juice homey. Bet Black 29, 3rd twelve, and collect on your 2nd spin. Let out a big yaawn for the camera at 8am and kayak up to the bend and back with your lil’ coffee buzz. The keg had too much pressure. Pat was proud of the poker table as he should be. We got a solo cruise session in after I took the battery out of the 4Runner for the boat. We met a red nautique and made friends. Timmy brought LA LA. Then it rained for 4 hours…

Special Session. The Calm After the Storm.

Timmy rocked it and I carved it.

The Cah! The Cah! The Cah!

"Here, have some punch"

Show Me

Your Purple

Cow Face

Dare, Double Dare, Physical Challenge...


Look what he keeps in the cuddy!

Look Ma', No Rope