We left at 9pm Wednesday and drove through the night. I was proud to tell the clerk at our first gas and coffee stop in West Virginia that we were on our way to Tampa. She grinned and said "isn't everybody?" As I walked back outside there was a van with Steeler fans pouring out everywhere, fully geared up and waving terrible towels. It was awesome.

I drove til 4:30am and made it into North Carolina. When I got back into the passenger seat of the Accord to get comfortable, I stretched out and popped my shoulder out...again. This was a super duper bummer because it had stayed in the last couple months and I had surfing and riding to do...I had Jamie pull over and managed to get it back in.

There was a man who wasn't very patient at the Georgia Waffle House. Apparently he didn't read the rules on the wall. It was entertaining.

You are Here

(Florida aka FLO RIDA aka Flow Rider)


Gorgeous Blue Eyed Kate, always good for a lil skype sesh.

Rent a wheel, Rent a bike, Rent a Suntrike.

Daytona Beach. Jamie said I couldn't surf because my shoulder was broke and it was cold and raining and the internet. But we all know it was only because there weren't any real waves.

Oh, and many many thanks to Aunt Renee. When calling to thank her for the present she mailed me on our drive down, she also offered to put us up in her ocean front condo in Daytona.

Hey Bob, can we get an outside lift?

The one armed rider...

Destroyed the roam board on this barrel...

Ye know those cool looking trick skis you saw at he Cleveland boat show that you wondered about...

Well this is Pete, and he designed them, and he rips em'. Snow skiers looking for your cross over sport eat your heart out.

Sorry these photos do no justice to the madness that was Ybor City and Channelside.

Now that is a "Big Ben"

Having a lake out back is siick.

I guess they thought I was just waving to be nice, but it was really a come over here and give me a pull wave...